Community Outreach

As an outreach to our community, we offer special classes and workshops in a PowerPoint format. This outreach helps us to educate the citizens of our community and to help achieve our purpose of helping as many people as possible regain their health. Each of these talks is short, very interesting, and filled with practical, easy to employ information. The various topics include the following:

Work Smart: Safety Solutions for Today’s Workplace
OSHA reports that over 600,000 American workers a year are seriously injured due to over exertion and cumulative trauma disorders on the job. This workshop will give the worker practical information on how to lift properly, posture at his/her workstation and explain simple stretching exercises to prevent on-the-job injuries.

Ergonomics In The Workplace
This presentation presents some of the most recent research to reduce cumulative trauma disorders (CTD). Its potential results are greater productivity, heightened morale, and reduced compensation for work-induced injuries.

Fit While You Sit
This presentation will detail the best ways to work in a sitting posture. It teaches practical information how to relieve stress and prevent workstation-induced pain and discomfort.

Fibromyalgia: Myths, Management, and Miracles
This very painful chronic condition affects millions of people across our country. There are many ways to minimize the pain and discomfort and maximize the potential for a normal healthy life. This talk will help you understand how this may be achieved.

Stress: Adapt or Perish!
This presentation will equip you with the ability to reduce the effect stress will have on your body and teach you how to minimize the stress in your life.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
This problem affects many people in a work environment where they use their hands in a repetitive motion manner. This workshop will teach a person how to best prevent it and explain the best ways to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the condition.

Headache: You Probably Don’t Have To Live With It
This presentation features up-to-date methods and the latest research to prevent and/or get rid of this common problem that many people often feel is a way of life.

Osteoporosis: It Doesn’t Have to Happen
At this presentation one will learn many new ideas on the causes and ways to prevent this devastating disease. Some of this information will be very different from anything you have ever heard about osteoporosis.

Arthritis: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Way of Life
This presentation discusses many things you can do to prevent arthritis. If you already have it, you will learn all the newest research on how to get rid of the pain and prevent further progression.

ADD & ADHD: What All Parents Urgently Need to Know!
This presentation is a very important, informative seminar designed to educate parents, family members, and teachers who may presently or someday have or know children who are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. The latest research on side effects of medication and alternative treatment, including nutrition, will be discussed. This “shocking” information is something that all parents must know so they can make educated decisions regarding their children’s health.

Other Topics for Available Talks:
Back Pack Safety
Power Nutrition
Preventing Low Back Injury
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Stress Management for Couples
Laugh Your Way to Health & Happiness
When MDs should refer to DCs
Pressure Point Workshop
Setting Mind Targets to Achieve What You Can Conceive
Preventing Sports-Related Injuries to the Lower Extremities and Spine

Please call us at (731) 285-BACK to preview or discuss any of these talks or to consider a presentation for your company, club, or organization. We also will create or customize any talk you may need to best accomplish your specific needs.



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