Whiplash injury is a common problem in our modern society, and unfortunately, one that often results in chronic pain and suffering. As we become more urbanized, packing greater numbers of people into smaller areas, and as the number of cars per household increases, whiplash injuries will continue to become more frequent.


Standard treatment recommendations include pain medication, a neck collar and rest. However, with this typical treatment program, many patients continue to suffer. Adequate treatment methods for these injuries have lagged behind the great increases in their occurrence.

Chiropractic manipulation, in contrast to most other treatments, has done well over the years treating whiplash injuries, helping prevent many injuries from becoming chronic, and helping to reduce pain and suffering in many that have become chronic. Because of this record of success with the treatment of whiplash injuries, researchers have begun to study chiropractic treatment methods.

Research Supports Our Care

Recently, a group of medical researchers compared a chiropractic manipulation with that of medication and rest. Sixty-one patients seen at the emergency room for whiplash injury were divided into two groups to receive these two different treatments.

The group receiving manipulation had greater reduction of pain and return of movement than did the group treated with medication, rest and neck collars. These results led the researchers to conclude that whiplash is better treated with early active treatment like chiropractic.  There are many studies that support early active functional care like we offer in our office.

We Help Many People With Acute And Chronic Pain

In our office we utilize early active functional care with both medical and chiropractic to get even faster and more complete, long lasting results. Many people suffering from whiplash injury could avoid prolonged or permanent pain and suffering by receiving the medical and chiropractic integrated approach we utilize in our office.  We also get impressive results with chronic pain related to accidents that occurred many months or years before the patient comes to see us.

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I found the doctor and staff to be very welcoming and very professional. I had a drastic relief of pain within a few treatments.

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When one first comes to our office, he/she receives a consultation to see if his/her problem can be helped by our teamwork approach.

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